Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Menu of services

Neo Hair

- $170 labor for a mohair or alpaca reroot. If you purchase fiber from my stash I will charge you my cost, which varies on the supplier I purchased it from. Labor is the same for a synthetic (saran or nylon) reroot, plus the cost of the fiber itself.
- $5 for hair removal from the scalp (waived if your doll is sent for a full custom, ie. reroot and faceup)
- $5 for scalp removal from doll (waived if your doll is sent for a full custom, ie. reroot and faceup)
- $15 fee for mohair processing. I will work with ANY kind of mohair you like with the exception of hair raw in the grease, but for hair that is not processed and lined up, like Sue's hair from mohairhouse, there is considerable time put into combing out the vegetable matter and tangles.
- $10 for a fully rooted center part like Merry Skier.
- $30 for mohair rehab on an older reroot. This involves washing, detangling and conditioning your dolls scalp and airing it to dry. Add $10 if you'd like her hair to be flatironed or have fat sausage curls.
- $30 for saran/nylon highlights plus cost of supplies
- $20 for haircut
- $15 for bangs

Neo Face

- $200 full makeover including mouth, nose and philtrum carving. Includes boggling, gaze correcting and sleep eyes. Makeup with freckles included as well as lashes.
-$225 full makeover with upgrade of open mouth and sculpted teeth
- $20 hand painted chips
- $75 ethnic paint job. This includes substituting another type doll body (I have many kinds) that are naturally darker, modified to fit the blythe head, and painting the head to match. If you want the body to be a Pure Neemo, the same charge applies and the body will need to be supplied at your cost.
- $8 digital printed chips

Middie Blythe

- $120 reroot labor, scalping and hair removal included. Add $5 for processing fee if hair is not processed.
- $10 rooted full length center part
- $100 faceup, includes freckles, carving, etc.
- $18 for handpainted eyechips
- $75 for ethnic painting which includes a same size body replacement that is naturally darker colored and the head painted to match. Or the new articulated middie body can be supplied and the body will be painted. The cost of the articulated body is not included.


- $100 faceup including carving and freckles or beauty marks
- $20 painted eyechips
- $75 ethnic painting

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